Drive Thru History Adventures Review

Today on the blog, I am going to be giving you a thorough review of an amazing product that we had the chance to use. The Homeschool Video Collection with Drive Thru History Adventures is just the best. We were able to review the Yearly Subscription and I am so thankful that we were. My tween boy, London, doesn’t get excited about much these days when it comes to school, but this is something he loves. Drive Thru History Adventures offers history curriculum in three subjects: Bible History, American History and Ancient History. 

Product Image_DriveThruHistoryAdventures


The Curriculum Itself: 

We chose to focus on American history. My son really looks forward to this part of his school day. There are 12 “Adventures” for American History. Drive Thru Adventures offers many, many videos. These videos are just so cool. Dave Stotts is the guy who makes these videos and he travels all over the world in order to get real life footage about the content he is discussing. I think this is what makes these videos better than anything history related I’ve ever seen. Instead of lecturing or talking behind a power point, he brings you real life footage. The footage is always gorgeous and so well done. Dave is a very funny guy too. He makes my kiddo laugh all the time.


A snippet of what is offered for American History.

There is also Bible History and Ancient History. We did watch a few episodes of each of those but we wanted to stick to just one to complete. American History was what London chose to stick with. He really learned so much and had fun doing it!

Also, on the website, there are a ton of other resources as well. There are articles, expert readings, worksheets and answer guides, behind the scenes materials and so much more! The additional materials help you to expand on the lessons taught in the videos. There are also video guides that we loved using.

I have to take the time to talk about the website itself real quick. It is very user friendly and I have never struggled to find what I needed. The website is very modern looking. You can tell that a lot of time is put into keeping it up to date. This is just one more thing that adds to how awesome curriculum.


Dave Stotts: 

Dave Stotts has become a household name around here. I mean, this guys rocks!! He is hilarious and so fun to watch. He makes history exciting and that is a hard feat to take on. He is also super relatable. Just the other day, London was watching on his phone and yells out, “Hey Mom, Dave’s family has the flu!!’ We both were super sad about this. Then he informs me that Dave has a wife and 4 kid and he doesn’t know why anyone would want 4 kids. Haha! I like that Dave talks about his family and his life in his videos. He is more than just a guy behind the screen.

Dave is also very present on Facebook. The day I joined his site, he was already calling me out on Facebook to welcome me. He is very active by posting multiple times a day and responding to others posts in a timely manner. I haven’t had any personal costumer service issues but I’ve heard from others that he is so quick and helpful. This to me goes a LONG way.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.07.44 PM

A shout out from Dave Stotts himself!

A couple of weeks ago, Dave sent my boys some awesome goodies in the mail. He sent them each a Drive Thru History Adventures patch, a sticker and a personally signed post card. I mean…who does that?? We didn’t have to pay for these things, he just sent them. London and Carter were over the moon. They were both so happy and planned immediately where they were going to put all of their things. This was such a nice gesture from Dave. I posted a picture of them with their goodies on the company Facebook and within hours he had commented on it. It’s like Dave Stotts is our new best friend. Some days,  London will often give me some random fact and follow up with, “That’s what Dave Stotts said.” I couldn’t ask more from a curriculum than my child offering up unsolicited info throughout the day. I definitely know he is learning.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.08.10 PM

My cuties and their goodies. Drive Thru History and Dave Stotts commented on the picture.

Adventures TV:

Adventures TV is an added bonus when you sign up for Drive Thru History Adventures. Adventures TV is an app you can download on your phone and/or tablet and it has all the videos he has and more. So, you can download and stream the videos from the curriculum from anywhere. You can take this with you to doctors appointments, road trips, anywhere  you go! This is London’s favorite part of the whole thing. He loves being independent on his phone and watching his history lesson for the day. When he found out there was an app, he literally screamed. It’s almost like to a tween/teen, anything that has an app automatically makes it cool.


London’s Review: 

“I love Drive Thru History Adventures. Dave Stotts is just hilarious. He tells good stories and makes them fun. The app is really cool too. I love watching Dave’s Adventures.”


Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts about Drive Thru History Adventures is: YES, YES, and YES!! It really is such an awesome curriculum. I wish all the subjects I teach had a program this awesome. Dave is the best, the videos are so interesting and captivating and the additional resources just really tie this curriculum up with a pretty little bow.

Signing Up:

Do I think this curriculum is worth it? Absolutely.

Having Adventures TV is so helpful for those times you are out of the house. We all know how much kids like to be on their phones and tablets. This gives them something fun and educational to watch.

If you sign up for the yearly subscription now, you will receive a set of the gospel DVD’s.

Also, Drive Thru History Adventures is offering 20% for readers of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Here is a link to the latest digital issue. The Drive Thru History Adventures ad is on page 19.

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