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Parenting is the hardest job I’ve ever had. EVER. It seems like every stage you go through has it’s own set of difficult parts. You think that once your child sleeps through the night, then you’ll be in the clear. You think once they are old enough to get their own drinks and snacks, then it will be easier. Honestly though, it gets harder for me. It gets to the point where the things you can’t control starts creeping up. This includes the fears that come along with them getting older. One of the most important and scary (for me) stages is the pre-teen/teen stage. My confidence is pretty high from birth to 5th grade but I have always felt ill equipped to manage this stage of life I am in. Now that I have a son who is turning 12 next week….ahhhh….I am definitely getting into those hormonal days. Parenting a tween has its own set of challenges and I welcome any advice I can get these days. This is why I am SO thankful I was given the opportunity to review  Great Waters Press with their newest title No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope.


No Longer Little was written by Hal and Melanie Young. They are both award winning authors. They have 8 children which means they have great experience backing them up. This book was written to help parents understand whats going on physically mentally and spiritually with their 8 to 14 year olds. It gives you advice for how to handle these precious years using grace and hope. The books gives you effective strategies to help you parent your tweens and teens so that these can be great years for everyone involved. 

There are 12 chapters in this book. Here is a look a the titles of the chapters:

1- Getting Bigger

2- The Rollercoaster

3- Brains Turn To Mush

4- Many A Conflict, Many A Doubt

5- The Awakening

6- Social Struggles

7- Media, Gaming, and Discernment

8- Conflict At Home

9- Transitioning

10- Celebrating Growth

11- Producers, Not Consumers

12- The Next Big Thing

As you can see above, there are a lot of awesome chapters here to help you navigate the pre-teen and teen years. When I first received this book, I read through the first two chapters immediately. I really connected with the book and found myself so many times, nodding my head in agreement. This book really helps you understand what is going on with your child. I really love that Hal and Melanie speak from experience as they have successfully raised their own children. What I like even more than that is how they address boys specifically. They don’t put boys and girls in the same category when referring to teens. I think it’s awesome that they talk about the difference in boys. It really kept me interested and wanting to learn more. I recommend this book to anyone with a tween or teen!


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One thought on “Great Waters Press Review”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your review! We felt the same way — there just wasn’t a lot of preparation for the preteen stage when we first faced it. That’s why we really wanted to write this book. I’m linking your review on the No Longer Little site!


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