Guitar 360 Method Review


Carter, my now 8 year old, received an electric guitar and amp from his grandparents a couple of years ago for Christmas but never learned how to officially play it. He loves to jam out on it but just plays what he wants. He was only 6 at the time and was and still is pretty small which means his little hands are small. I just figured he was too small to learn then but have recently been wanting to get my boys into some type of music lessons. I never learned how to play an instrument as a child and I wish now that I had. We were very excited to learn that we were going to be able to review an online guitar  course which included an Absolute Beginner Course, Semester 1 Bundle and Bonus Songs from Guitar 360 Method. Stay tuned to the end of the review to receive 20% off!


Here is what our homepage looks like when we log in. From here, you can choose the Beginner Course, Semester 1 Course or two of the Bonus Song’s.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 5.10.55 PM

How We Used It:

We chose to start with the absolute beginners course because Carter has no prior knowledge of playing guitar. When you choose to start with this free course, you are given video’s to watch that are broken into weeks. The videos are super short which really helps when you have children who do not want to sit for very long looking at a computer. The first few videos that we watched and learned about were parts of the guitar, left hand and right hand basics, how to tune your guitar, and then 4-finger warm up exercises. After that, there are three different exercises for the first week for you to work on. For this beginner course, there are 3 weeks of lessons. There are some basic important lessons and then some exercise lessons to go along with it.

What We Thought:

Carter had a little trouble with these lessons and I think it’s honestly because he is so small and he had a hard time getting his fingers to play the chords that were being taught. He really enjoyed the lessons though and was enthusiastic about playing. It just took him a while to get through each lesson that we completed. We didn’t get very far with the beginner course. He took time to try to master each skill before we moved on to the next one. I will say that I loved the videos. Doing online video lessons could be a hit or miss depending on the person doing them. Krisz has a nice voice and video presence. He really makes the videos easy to understand has a great pace throughout them. We are planning on finishing out the beginner course and moving on to Semester One.


Semester 1 Course:

We haven’t made it to the Semester 1 Course yet but this course is designed to follow the beginner course or is for people who already have some guitar knowledge. This is a 9 week course that teaches you so many new things! Below you can see some of the lessons for Week One. We are excited to get to Semester One and try it out.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 7.43.43 PM



Krisz is offering a 20% OFF Coupon to all Home School families right now! You will receive the discount at checkout, when you enter the HOMESCHOOL20 Coupon Code.

The regular price is $149, which includes the 3-week Beginners’ Course, Semester 1 (13 weeks long), and the 2 Bonus Song mini-courses. With the Coupon Code, your investment will be only $119.20 for 10+ hours of video content!


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