Review: Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Fix It! Grammar


The past few weeks, we have been reviewing a product from The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). We were graciously given Book 1: The Nose Tree from the Fix It! Grammar series. 


The Fix It! Grammar series helps your student learn how to label the parts of sentences. It does so in a better way than how I learned though. Instead of teaching them how to label random sentences, this book is actually a story. Your student will be learning how to label the parts of each sentence that collectively make a story. We really love this concept in teaching grammar. We started with the first book of six which starts your student at the very beginning with simple nouns. The lessons are designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less each day. This allows your student to focus on grammar but not to be drawn out into lengthy lessons. The grammar lessons are designed to help your student transfer what they learn into their own writing.


Each week starts off with a lesson about what you are going to be learning about that week. There are vocabulary words to focus on which are put in bold for each sentence. Students also focus on punctuation as well as labeling nouns, pronouns, articles, verbs, etc… We usually did two “days” in one day because it doesn’t take long at all and also because we don’t get to grammar everyday. For each day, you have one sentence that you correct and mark and then they rewrite the sentence in a notebook. The workbook will tell you when you are supposed to start a new paragraph. At the end, your child will have the whole story written. It’s a pretty neat concept to see take shape. My son is really excited about the story he is writing and what is going to happen next.


Pictured here is the teacher manual (top), student workbook (right) and his notebook (left). You can see where the teachers manual gives you the answers as well as some other helpful information and tips. The student manual has plenty of space for marking and is easy to read. The notebook is where he continues his sentences that tell a story. Below, you can see a closer look at his workbook and notebook.

I really enjoy this grammar curriculum. Our homeschool days can be all over the place and I find myself excited to do these grammar lessons. It’s a set routine that doesn’t change and doesn’t take long. The books are extremely user friendly so you and your student are easily able to follow along and see what needs to be done.

We received the teachers manual and the student workbook. If you just order the teachers manual, it has a downloadable student workbook. If you would like to go ahead and order the student workbook as well, you can do that here.


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