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Recently, we have been learning all about the USA with USA Activity Bundle Pack from Crafty Classroom. 

This has been the perfect addition to our summer schedule. The Crafty Classroom has fun, engaging activities designed to help your children learn while having fun! They offer activities to help your children learn more about the Alphabet, the Bible, Science, Geography, Math, Reading and Writing. There are SO many cute and awesome activities. One look at their website and you will be ready to get your hands on these materials. I am a girl all about aesthetics and their website, font choices, color choices…all of it…it’s just really cute. It doesn’t stop there though, the products really are awesome!


I was sent the USA Activity Bundle which includes:

+U.S.A. State by State Activity Notebook
+U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards
+U.S.A. 50 State Mazes

These products are a downloadable product and were sent to my email as pdf’s. They were super easy to open and navigate through. I chose to print out what pages we need as we go through them and decided to add them to a notebook to keep it all organized and together.


U.S.A. State by State Activity Notebook:

The activity pack has a page for each of the 50 states. On each page, students are able to map the location, capitol, state abbreviation, landmarks, state flower and bird as well as the nickname for the state. They can also color the flag, bird and flower. There is a space on each page to add extra notes about the state. The notebook also includes 2 games: USA Bingo and Roll Across America. These activity pages and games will help your child learn all about the 50 states of the USA.


U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards:

This set includes 27 state birds as some of the states share the same bird. Students are able to look at the realistic picture of the bird and copy the coloring of it by looking at its unique markings. There is also a memory matching card game that you can print out to give your students more practice with the state birds.



U.S.A. 50 State Mazes:

This set includes a maze for each of the 50 states. This is a fun way for your child to get familiar with the states while completing an activity to help their brain work. Carter, my 9 year old, really enjoyed completing these mazes.


We have had a great time using this product. It is a nice change of pace from traditional school work and reading. Even though the products from The Crafty Classroom are geared towards Pre-K through 3rd grade, my 9 year old son and 12 year old son have both used a lot of the workbooks and I haven’t heard one complaint. I think it’s always a great idea to make learning as fun as possible. Even the preteens/teens like to color! I plan to continue to use this product throughout our school year and I am excited to try out some other resources from The Crafty Classroom.


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