My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping Review



Record keeping is really important in the homeschool world. There are a lot of things we have to keep up with and the best way to do this is to keep records as best as you can. The flexibility with homeschool  means you can record keep as much or as little as you want. I’ve been able to review the Annual Membership Plan from My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping.

This online subscription can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection! This means you can access it from your computer, laptop, tablet and even your smart phone. With this program, you can fully customize and record your homeschool life and more. In this review, I will go over some of the awesome parts of this program. We haven’t started our homeschool year yet so I don’t really have any records kept in it, other than extra curriculars. I am excited to give this program a real shot once we start our school year. I’m already so pumped by just checking out all of its features and how well it’s going to help me keep track of our days, weeks and school year!

Sy1 Here is your homeroom. From here you can access your classes, attendance, awards, readings, extra curricular and tests. You can quickly see the days you have completed as well. You’re able to change your term from this page to see what has been done for each term. You can also switch between your students to see the progress and information for both.



In the reports section, you can see reports for attendance, events, lesson plans, awards and much more. Here you can also change the type of report you want to see! I like that you are able to view and print transcripts and you can even do this from your phone.



On the calendar tab, you can view all of your appointments, events, extra curricular, lessons and reading list. You can change your view to see the agenda, the day, week or month at a glance. I really love how customizable this calendar is! I also like that you can switch between students so you can see what is on the calendar for each of them.



There is a section called the Teacher’s Aid. Here, you are sent “notices.” I look at them as notifications about your record keeping. They alert you when you’re missing things and also prompts you to add some things that you may not have added yet. As you can see, mine is letting me know I haven’t added days but this is because we have not started our school year yet. Once we do though, I know this section will be super helpful because “mom brain!”




There are so many parts to this program! Another one of them is the Setup section. Here you can customize the grading scales, materials, schools, students, subjects and terms.


In the Tools section, you can copy classes/lessons and reading log/list. You can also create a plan for your students, reschedule lessons and track attendance.

If you need extra support within the program, there is help section that has video tutorials, FAQ’s and Guides. The site also has its own blog which is accessible through the website.


With this program, you can also allow your child access where they can keep up with their attendance, classes, activities and even chores! Since it is 100% user friendly they are able to check all of this from their phone! I can’t wait to really utilize this feature with my 8th grader. I know the upcoming school year will run a lot smoother and more efficiently with the use of this program!

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