Smartick Review


If you are looking for an awesome math enrichment program, look no further. We have been using Smartick for the last couple of months and I am IN LOVE! (I am not being paid to say that!)  My children have been supplementing their online math curriculum by using Smartick. Smartick is the only online math program that combines: Math + Reading Comprehension + Logic and Reasoning.

It uses artificial intelligence to figure out exactly where your child is at in their learning and where they need to go. Your child only has to use Smartick 15 minutes a day to help them improve their math skills. It is geared toward ages 4-14 but the program goes beyond your child’s age and/or grade level and helps them right where they are at. Even if your child is gifted in math, it will realize this and work to your child’s level.

Below, I will take you through some of the site and what it has to offer.

The first picture is what your child will see when they log in. When you create your account, your child is able to customize their avatar. I love the user interface on this website. It’s really bright and easy to use. It’s set up more like a game which most children love!  The second picture shows their “world.” Here they can do all sorts of things!


One place they can go is their classroom which has a lot of different places they can visit. One of my favorite places is the chalkboard which has tutorials for all of the concepts as you can see an example of below:


There is also a place where they can play games and can even add other Smartick users to play against. They have their own house they can personalize as well as the “gym” where they can train with their math facts.


They can train in competitions and here is where they can play with real people who also have a Smartick account. All of this added stuff is not necessary but just enriches the program and makes it more fun! My 9 year old LOVES this part of the program.

Now, on to the actual lesson part of the program, which is MY favorite part.


Here you can see some sample pages from a lesson Carter completed. In the upper left hand corner you can see his avatar and the green circle around it, this is the timer for the lesson. As you move through each page, the green fills in and gives your child a visual for how much is left. Beside that, you can see the “ticks.” Students earn ticks by getting problems correct. They can then use those ticks to buys things for their house and pets. Your child can go back and correct problems they missed the first time to earn extra ticks.

The pictures above, show the parents setting which is really helpful. It shows their progress and sessions they have completed, with detailed information from each session. There is a place where you can add motivational rewards and mesasges. I love this option because it allows you personalize your childs experience. You can also access tutorials from the parents page as well. There’s a section called Smartick Brain which takes you to some games to help strenghten your brain power! (Picture below)



This has been my favorite math program we have ever used. I’m excited about continung to use it to supplement our math curriculum.

Are you interested in trying Smartick? You can get a free 15 day trial on their website. If you wasnt to subscribe, you can use this link and receive 25% off your first subscription!

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