HiGASFY Art History Video Series Review


Teaching art education can be a struggle when homeschooling but HiGASFY Art History Video Series made it very easy to add to our weekly studies. Mrs. Beth and Gasfy (the animated paint drop) help make learning about art history really fun! The curriculum is geared towards grade 1-8, for a 16 week course, and uses a multi-dimensional approach.

Each week, Mrs. Beth and Gasfy, teach your child about the artists and artwork from 4 times periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist, and Post-Impressionist.

The curriculum is designed for large school groups, homeschool co-ops or for at home use. You are also given access to the curriculum bundle that includes a wealth of information to go along with the video series.




You can start the series at whatever time period you want so we started with the Renaissance Period. This includes 12 video lessons which are about 20 minutes long each. With the curriculum bundle, you are given a 66 page lesson plan that includes lessons to help support the videos. The lessons do not just focus on the art itself, it also includes: Vocabulary, Science, Writing, Geography, History, Critical Thinking and more! There are also fun games like crossword puzzles and word searches.



Here, you can see the table of contents of the lesson plans for the Renaissance Period.



Name That Artist PowerPoint- For the Renaissance Period, there are 45 beautiful images of art work that you can show to your students.

In addition to all of the above in the curriculum bundle, there are also flashcards. For the Renaissance period there are 49 pages of images designed to enable you to learn the artwork and the artist for the time period you’re working on.

What We Thought:

I think the information in the program is really great! You can tell that Ms. Beth knows her stuff! She makes the videos fun and enjoyable. The curriculum bundle is really awesome, with so much information in the lesson plans to really create an awesome art history class. I really enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful art work showcased throughout the videos and extras in the curriculum bundle.

I have two boys, ages 9 and 13. They enjoyed learning about the information provided but were definetly slow to warm up to the animated character. I think that is just their personalities and trying to be “too cool” for animated characters. I thought Gasfy was great!

If you would like to try out a free sample lesson, you can click this link: https://www.higasfy.com/free-episode-sign-up.

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